Road Service in Bakersfield CA

As a business owner who owns one pickup truck or a fleet of trucks, every day you have a truck down means you are losing profits. If you are looking for truck fleet services in Bakersfield then look to us.

High quality parts are a must for any truck owner, while your truck might be fairly new sooner or later it will need some new parts. Trucks work hard, they haul huge loads and tow heavy equipment, over time these parts will wear down. If you want to keep your truck in great working condition then getting your truck maintained on a regular basis with oil changes, your fuel injector’s cleaned and your brakes repaired. A good shop will offer a wide variety of repair services to help keep your vehicle in tip top condition. They should also use authentic parts for your truck.

The repair shop will let you know if there are any issues you need to take care of. The simplest way to be sure to always keep up your regular maintenance is to read your operating manual and follow the recommended maintenance schedule. Once you do notice trouble be sure to get to your mechanic as soon as possible.

At Golden Empire Fleet Services we offer a special program that will check out your fleet trucks every Ninety days to help keep it running right. We keep a fully stocked parts department so we will have your truck running quickly. We have certified mechanics to work on your truck when you get it serviced or when it needs repairs.

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