Can memory foam reduce my pain?


There are three major benefits to owning a memory foam mattress that have outweighed the expense for a growing number of people:


1. The memory foam mattress reduces pressure on important pressure points all through the body.


Pressure points are areas of your body with a large number of nerve endings that are often pressed on painfully by a traditional spring mattress. These spots are usually located in your neck, back, and thigh regions, where a traditional mattress pushes in opposition to you the hardest.


Memory foam mattresses are made with an open cell foam, which means that when one cell is collapsed, it sends the pressure out through small holes and into the surrounding tissue. This means that the foam conforms to the body and reduces the pressure on you Even though still being supportive. Your body weight is evenly distributed, so your neck and back will not rest at strange angles the way they do on a traditional mattress.


2. The temperature-sensitive memory foam responds to your body heat.


As your body heat warms up the tissue close to the mattress, will become more fluid and you will feel as if you are melting into the mattress. However, the foam beneath which is not warmed by your body heat will remain somewhat rigid and support your weight evenly. This is why the memory foam mattress is so popular with sleep ridden patients in the medical industry.


3. You will not feel your partner move during the night.


If you’ve ever been awakened by your partner tossing and turning during the night, you’ll be relieved to know that this won’t happen any longer with a memory foam mattress. If your partner changes position during the night, the memory foam does not transfer the movement over distance the way a traditional mattress will. This is due to the fact the open tissue do not transfer momentum.


4. A 10″ queen memory foam mattress will relieve back pain.


Many people suffer from back pain. This can be for various reasons, but is often brought about by a combination of stress and the pressure placed on our spines every night by traditional mattresses. Due to the fact a memory foam mattress conforms to the body and cradles it in softer material Even though supporting it from beneath and to the sides of the body, no pressure is placed on the areas that are the most troublesome for back pain. This means waking up ready for the day rather than rubbing your neck and wishing you had slept in a different position.


These days, a 10″ queen memory foam mattress is much less expensive than they used to be. Given all of the benefits of a memory foam mattress, it’s hard to justify not providing one a shot over the traditional spring mattress. Give it a try and see if it functions for you!


Research show that sleep deprivation brings about weight gain, muscle aches, and reduced immunity. Unfortunately, most of us are more sleep deprived than we believe. Sometimes this can be blamed on our stress ranges or the food we eat, but often it can be blamed on our mattresses. The memory foam mattress has been innovative after years of the simple spring mattress, but must you invest in one for yourself?